Fwd: Thunar and Xfce-4.4

Nadow el.nadow at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 19:51:11 UTC 2006

2006/9/4, Oliver Lehmann <lehmann at ans-netz.de>:
> Nadow wrote:
> > Hi! Im new at the list and I would like to know why arent Thunar and
> > Xfce-4.4 in the FreeBSD's ports tree. Is there any reason? I would do
> the
> > ports myself but I am almost newbie at FreeBSD so Im afraid that I dont
> know
> > how. Anybody can? Thank you.
> There is a patchset for xfce4.4 which is right now being reworked for rc1.
> It is not in the tree because xfce 4.4 isn't released yet.
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> Oliver Lehmann
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Excuse my ignorance but, Cant be  beta or RC versions of programs in the
ports tree?. You know, like enlighteenment-0.17 which has been (and It is
still) a  beta for 5 years and it is in the ports tree as

Thank you for your time

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