pkg-plist problems caused by ${DESTDIR} on ${MAKE_ENV}

Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez jacardenasm at
Sat Sep 2 20:22:10 UTC 2006

Hi guys :)

I was fixing some ports with pkg-plist problems:

games/netpanzer-data (fixed)
deskutils/adesklets (fixed)
graphics/crystalspace (fixed)

and i found that the main reason for it is the ${DESTDIR} on
${MAKE_ENV} . Only this is a problem on do-install time (for default
on file). These ports are installing the files/directories
on ${WRKSRC}. I don't know why it's removing the first slash "/"
character from ${PREFIX} (PREFIX=usr/local insted of

if we remove the ${DESTDIR} from ${MAKE_ENV} on file,
these ports install without problems

I talked with gabor about it, but he has not idea about the problem.
Maybe anybody found/will find some solution that we could apply to file.

kris@ marked with EXPIRATE_DATE some ports with pkg-plist problems
some hours ago and maybe some of those ports have the same problem
with ${MAKE_ENV}.


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