portmaster patch for testing CONFLICTS and dependency list (Was:

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Sat Sep 2 05:20:41 UTC 2006

On Fri, 25 Aug 2006, B Briggs wrote:

> Sorry to have to reply to my own post, but:
> B Briggs wrote:
>> Like I said, running for a few days now, and no problems. The main 
>> difference that I can see is what happens with +REQUIRED_BY with 
>> portupgrade tools. For instance:
>> make deinstall && make install does not seem to update +REQUIRED_BY, 
>> neither does make deinstall && portmaster /usr/ports/X/Y - there is no 
>> +REQUIRED_BY after make deinstall. (This is probably because of make).
>> The only way to get REQUIRED_BY back is to run pkgdb -F, and I want to 
>> remove portupgrade. So the question is, is REQUIRED_BY just a portupgrade 
>> thing? If so, then I'd make a request that portmaster only uses the 
>> IMMEDIATE requirements in that file, run depends list and build depends 
>> list or maybe just run depends list. bitstream-vera is listed on a bunch of 
>> my ports in REQUIRED_BY files, but it's only required in xorg-fonts-ttfonts 
>> to run, and this comes from the x11/xorg metaport. On the other hand, if 
>> +REQUIRED_BY is used for packages, then I can understand the recursive 
>> dependency. Bottom line is that it's much more meaningful to me to see the 
>> direct dependencies.
> What I meant to say is that all of the +REQUIRED_BY files of the dependant 
> port are updated in this manner, not that the IMMEDIATE requirements of the 
> port are placed in its +REQUIRED_BY file. Sorry for any confusion.
> As an example of bitstream-vera, I can remove it using make deinstall. 
> Firefox lists it as a dependency in +REQUIRED_BY, but it's not listed in
> make build-depends-list run-depends-list.
> Firefox will run just fine without it (albeit with crummy fonts)

Ok, I think I understand your point now, thanks. What portmaster does is 
compare the contents of the +REQUIRED_BY file for a port with the @pkgdep 
listings in the rest of the ports, and makes sure that they match up. It 
does not try (and I don't think it should try) to use any kind of judgment 
about which are the really important dependencies.




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