devel/sdl12 update and version bump

Marcus von Appen mva at
Fri Sep 1 10:44:51 UTC 2006

On, Thu Aug 31, 2006, Stanislav Sedov wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 23:10:15 +0200
> Marcus von Appen <mva at> mentioned:
> > 
> > No, it won't, if I see that right.
> > 
> >     DIRFB   "Include support for DirectFB" Off \
> > 
> > and 
> >     .if defined(WITH_DIRECTFB)
> >     LIB_DEPENDS+=  directfb-0.9.16:${PORTSDIR}/devel/directfb
> >     ...
> > 
> > will not do the wanted stuff. Basically the patch set of ports/99943 (you
> > used it partially for devel/sdl12) is broken in several ways.
> > 
> > I did not have the time to check the complete patch set for now (still
> > setting up a jail for testing), but as soon as it is done (tomorrow or
> > so), I'll post a revised set, which incorporates my changes for
> > devel/sdl12.
> > 
> > My changes for devel/sdl12 do not differ from your changes that much
> > however.
> > 
> Thank for your review. I've updated patch (i've missed some issues
> in previous) and will upload it tomorrow. I would be glad to see
> your modifications here, since I've not tested directfb/aalib
> feature yet.

I started reviewing and testing your patch set and had to make some
critical changes. First of all, your approach fails, because
you do not strip the release name completely (which I would not do

Thus every check for will fail, because will
be installed (which should be kept in my opinion). I changed
several parts of your patch, including and the pkg-plist of

The usage of iconv needed some additional changes to sdl-config and
sdl.pc to set the correct include directories. Otherwise any dependant
port will break.
I removed the DIRECTFB support from devel/sdl12 for now (see the other
mail about that) and tested GGI and aalib support successfully using the
shipped examples. The GGI video driver seems to be unstable in some
cases, but I did not track those issues down. aalib works fine, but
threw some warnings on compile time about compat/ on my
RELENG_6 system. I did not check where this came from, but'll do on the

The usb hack is not needed anymore. Afaik RELENG_4 and RELENG_5 also
have and usbhid.h installed for some time now. SDL-1.2.11
does a good job on detecting those on BSD systems.

The following ports were tested for successful compilation and
installation so far:


All of the above compile and install without problems on my RELENG_6
system. Working with pygame (which uses all of the above) turned out to
be as stable as before. No problems so far.

I'll run more tests on the weekend.

The revised patch set can be fetched from:

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