Jabberd vs PostgreSQL

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Fri Sep 1 05:37:14 UTC 2006

Jiawei Ye wrote:

> I can see that postgresql requires LOGIN, but jabberd is BEFORE:LOGIN,
> what is the proper solution?

If I understand correctly, pgsql runs as an unprivileged user, which means
it needs to REQUIRE LOGIN. OTOH, there is no reason that jabberd should run
BEFORE LOGIN, and I suspect that is an artifact of copying and pasting a
script that had that in it for no good reason. In fact,
ports/net-im/jabber/files/jabberd.sh.in does not have that line, so I am
wondering what port you're working with here.

In any case, the proper fix here seems to be to have jabber REQUIRE
postgresql. Try that, and if it works, you're golden.



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