FreeBSD (Test) Bug-a-thon #1

Florent Thoumie flz at
Fri Oct 6 13:21:02 PDT 2006

Hey folks,

As some of you may know, NetBSD has done a Bugathon [1] some weeks ago.
Some of our committers (I can't speak for all) think that this is a
great idea. So we said "ok, let's have our own".

The idea is to fix as many bugs and close as many PRs as we can within a
short timeframe (2 days).

Since the ports freeze is coming (Oct 10), we figured that could be a
good idea to have it... tomorrow (well, this week-end).

Agreed, this is a really short notice, so we can't expect to see
hundreds of people coming crying for their bugs to be fixed. But still,
that could be a nice experiment, to see if people are interested. If
this is the case, we will probably consider to make new ones on a more
regular basis.

We're on EFNet (, channel #freebsd-bugbusters.


Florent Thoumie
flz at
FreeBSD Committer
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