Screwed ports tree/package database on my server

Darren Pilgrim darren.pilgrim at
Wed May 31 17:23:39 PDT 2006

Matt Sealey wrote:
> I'd like to know why Apache 2.0 ever got reinstalled though, in the 
> first place.. but I hope it simply doesn't happen again so I won't 
> have to worry.

The port would have tried to install Apache 2.0 over Apache 2.2 if the 
port Makefile had USE_APACHE=20 in it.  The port should be changed to 
USE_APACHE=20+ unless the port is specific to Apache 2.0.  Adding 
port-specific variables to /etc/make.conf isn't wrong, but 
/etc/make.conf is global.  You should limit the scope of ports variables 
by wrapping the variables with a .CURDIR evaluation.  For example:

.if ${.CURDIR:M*/mail/postfix}

The above defines BATCH and POSTFIX_OPTIONS iff make was invoked in a 
directory ending in /mail/postfix.  See make(1) for more details.

Darren Pilgrim

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