FreeBSD Port: squid-2.5.14

Thomas-Martin Seck tmseck at
Wed May 31 14:21:28 PDT 2006

* Helmut Schneider (jumper99 at

> hopefully I did not miss any previous thread but squid 2.5.14 won't startup 
> at boot time as long as the startup script at rc.d is not renamed to 
> Tested on FBSD 6.1 Release.

I suppose that this is an issue with your system, especially with
/etc/rc. Is this a fresh install or an update? I cannot reproduce[1] it on
6.1-STABLE (/etc/rc is unchanged from 6.1-RELEASE, it's 1.336.2.2, check
it with 'ident /etc/rc'.

(Whether the script is installed with a .sh suffix is determined by the
ports framework, based upon the FreeBSD version.)

[1] Installed squid, generated cache directories with "squid -z", set
    squid_enable="yes" in /etc/rc.conf, switched to single user mode
    (saw squid complaining at shutdown time because it was not running),
    switched back to multi-user mode and saw squid starting up.

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