evolution-2.6.2/evolution-exchange-2.6.2 seems to be borked

Mark Evenson mark.evenson at gmx.at
Wed May 31 08:12:42 PDT 2006

Mark Evenson wrote:
> After a cvsup and portupgrade dance yesterday on FREEBSD_6_1, 
> evolution-2.6.2 is reproducibly hanging in communication with Exchange.

I managed to get both evolution-2.6.2 and evolution-exchange-2.6.2 
installed with debug symbols via

	portdir$ make CFLAGS="-g" STRIP=""

After screwing around with debugger for a couple of hours, I am not 
really any closer to discovering what is causing the problem, mostly due 
to my lack of knowledge of GNOME.

Under gdb, I can make evolution want to crash (not sure if this is a 
SIGSEGV), but some sort of GNOME GUI window intercepts this call that 
leads to no core being produced.  evolution does some redirection of 
SIGSEGV and other signals (main.c:setup_segv_redirect()) as apparently 
there are problems with if a thread other than the main thread throws a 

Can someone point me to an explanation of how to get a GNOME application 
to generate a core?

Or give me any further tips on how I help diagnose what is going wrong?

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