evolution-2.6.2/evolution-exchange-2.6.2 seems to be borked

Mark Evenson mark.evenson at gmx.at
Wed May 31 04:27:53 PDT 2006

After a cvsup and portupgrade dance yesterday on FREEBSD_6_1, 
evolution-2.6.2 is reproducibly hanging in communication with Exchange.

evolution starts up, then spends an extraordinarily long time in the 
"scanning for folders" stage on my Exchange account, then it freezes in 
the "scanning for changed messages" stage.  tcpdump shows that the 
network traffic also freezes at this point.

The process is really wedged at this point:  no X11 responsiveness, 
attaching with GDB fails.

The only diagnostic to the console is:

(evolution-2.6:950): camel-WARNING **: camel_exception_get_id called 
with NULL parameter.

After killing the Evolution process, the evolution-exchange-storage 
process rises to consume about 90% of the CPU until it is killed.

I'm a bit new to Evolution (and GNOME) in general, so figuring out how 
to build a version with debug symbols is a bit hard.

So this is a first post to see if anyone else is having the same 
problems and to ask a few questions:

Is freebsd-ports the right place to ask such questions, or is 
freebsd-gnome better since this is GNOME related?

What's the best way to build ports with debugging symbols?

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