Lire port, (not) to be able to make PDF files and odvips

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Tue May 30 23:11:18 PDT 2006

Hello list,

Just want to share the following information with you:

I've installed the Lire port on a FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE system (with an up
to date ports tree) with all the possible options (CHARTS -> to be able
to make nice graphs, HTML -> to be able to make html output, PDF -> to
be able to make PDF reports and EXCEL95 -> to be able to make Excel
output) set to 'On'.

All was fine with the graphs and HTML output (haven't checked the Excel
stuff yet), but I wasn't able to make PDF reports. Lire complained that
the file 'odvips' was missing (I know you have to tell Lire where on the
file system you have some files). I searched it on my box and it simple
wasn't there at all!

I did some searching on Google and found out that it belongs to teTex.
But I saw that with the installaion of Lire the teTeX-base port was also
installed (as a dependency). Then I looked at the pkg-plist file of the
teTeX-base port and saw that the 'odvips' file isn't build and installed
with it (by default)! It has default options 'without-dvipsk' and
'without-odvipsk' set.

As far as I see it this means that with the current port configuration
you cannot make PDF files, although you may expect it from the Lire port

I looked a little bit futher and found out that the pdipsk-teTeX port
builds and installs a 'odvips' file. I installed it, make Lire aware of
where it resides on my system and voila PDF reports can be produced.

Probably switching of the 'without-dvipsk' and 'without-odvipsk' knobs
for the teTeX-base port will have the same result.

The questions I have now are:
Anyone came across this before? Should the Lire port be updated/changed?


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