Firefox localization packs

chinsan at
Tue May 30 12:13:33 PDT 2006

2006/5/30, Andrew Pantyukhin <infofarmer at>:
> Dear maintainers of firefox localization packs!
> www/firefox-i18n has just been committed to the ports tree. The
> port can install any number of official firefox locales. Can you
> please test it and consider if the port has all the functionality
> your ports provide. In case it does, please ask me to remove
> your ports. In case it doesn't, please let me know and we'll
> discuss what needs to be added/changed.
> Thanks!
Dear Andrew Pantyukhin:

I has been tested and think this port has all the functionality of my ports
(chinese/firefox-zh_CN, chinese/firefox-zh_TW, korean/firefox-ko)

But I suggest to add "zh_TW" into the default value of "FIREFOX_I18N"
FIREFOX_I18N?=  zh-CN zh-TW de fr ja ru it es-ES
 or make this as a visual dialog(OPTIONS).
Thought it can tuned  by setting FIREFOX_I18N in  /etc/make.conf.
Because I think it will make end-user more clear to choose which
language they wants by OPTIONS.

However, thanks :)


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