Firefox renders some pages extremely slowly on FreeBSD

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at
Tue May 30 05:31:36 PDT 2006

Nick Fishman <kwlogical at> wrote:

> I've noticed that there are some pages that cause Firefox to slow down
> incredibly. Typical problems include a major increase in response time
> (from a few milliseconds to several seconds). It becomes impossible to
> scroll or use the browser with other tabs while these pages are
> loaded. Here are a few pages that I've noticed the problem with:
> Unwieldy HTML aside, both of these pages deal heavily with image
> transparency. That could be the issue, though I'm not sure. Curiously,
> these pages cause no problems with Konqueror on the same machine. They
> also work fine using Firefox on Windows.
> Has anyone experienced similar issues? Thanks,

I am, but I think it's a Non-Windows problem and not FreeBSD specific.

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