Linux apps, PREFIX and POLA

Benjamin Lutz benlutz at
Mon May 29 10:55:58 PDT 2006


I'm just about to finish the update for the linux-enemyterritory port. Then I 
started thinking about the PREFIX. Currently it uses X11BASE. An opinion that 
I've noticed growing in popularity is that we should move away from X11BASE 
towards LOCALBASE. The porters handbook states that a port should use X11BASE 
it if it uses X11 files or links against libs.

Now while Enemy Territory obviously does require X11, it actually links 
against the linux version of the X11 libs. I suppose it'd be possible to run 
it without a FreeBSD X11 installed, just with a Linux X11. So my question is: 
Should I move linux-enemyterritory from X11BASE to LOCALBASE? Would such a 
move violate POLA, ie will anyone notice the change, and care about it?

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