FreeBSD Port: mail/sqlgrey

Berislav Kovacki pantokrator at
Sat May 27 14:44:50 PDT 2006

Dawn Emch / GlobalNet Internet Services wrote:
> FYI:
> Upgraded the port p5-DBD-mysql from version 3.0003 to 3.0004 today and now getting errors in the maillog with sqlgrey.
> Error in log:
> sqlgrey: warning: prepare_cached(SELECT now()) statement handle DBI::st=HASH(0x853c2b0) still Active at /usr/local/sbin/sqlgrey line 246Running FreeBSD 6.1 using Postfix with SQLGrey version 1.7.3Thanks,Dawn


Quote from the mysql announce list:

Version 3.0004 is the production version with server-side prepare
statements turned off by default, and 3.0004_1 is the development
version with server-side prepare statements turned on by default.
Note: to turn on server-side prepared statements, simply append
";mysql_server_prepare=1" to the connect string or via the driver
handle. Please refer to documentation for further details.

Berislav Kovacki

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