mplayer port fix to deal with pcvt de-orbit

Thomas E. Zander riggs at
Sat May 27 02:17:18 PDT 2006

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Am Sat, dem 27. May 2006, um 10:27 +0200 Uhr schrubte Alexander Leidinger
zum Thema [Re: mplayer port fix to deal with pcvt de-orbit]:

> The same seems to be true for libxine (I think they share the
> same/similar code). Maintainer CCed.

I have tested this on my RELENG_6 machines and it seems perfectly fine
as well. Unless there are issues with RELENG_{4|5} which I can't check
right now, but the kbio.h looks pretty alright there as well, I'd say
we can go for it.
Alexander, would you be so kind to commit this to mplayer, please?

Thank you,

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