locale_t (linux?) question

Serge Gagnon serge.gagnon at b2b2c.ca
Fri May 26 07:10:06 PDT 2006

>>>>> On Fri, 26 May 2006, "Gary" == Gary Jennejohn wrote:

... Hmmm Thanks anyway.

I found on a mailing list an answer from one of the main developer of this 
project about a question from a FreeBSD user who ask about how he could 
build this software with nls and it look approximatly like this: "I don't 
know BSD. (and because "not sure here because I don't speak english" he 
made a monkey of himself on a BSD list somewhere =>) I'll waiting that the 
FreeBSD maintainer of this port fix this for us"...
I think that he will wait a long time since this part of their project is 
not in the port tree... yet.

I think that I'll try to contact the developer, tell him that I'm not a BSD 
user and ask him if he use something else than uselocale() and locale_t 
because we need this on, hmmmmm, oberon ;-)

Thanks again.
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