[FreeBSD-Announce] Volunteers needed to help maintain ports

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at mail.ru
Thu May 25 05:04:20 PDT 2006

* Dmitry Marakasov (amdmi3 at mail.ru) wrote:
> By the way, for determining currently outdated ports, we need something
> like Edwin's `New ports distfiles checker'. It was located here:
> http://edwin.adsl.barnet.com.au/~edwin/ports/,
> but now it seems to be dead. I've risen that topic in March. Edwin said
> then that there were problems with sqlite (which seem to be fixed now),
> and Shaun Amott offered to run similar service. I think this topic has
> to be risen again - such service will be of great help in keeping ports
> up to date and seeking maintainers for ports that are really in need of
> one.
Sorry for that, just noticed thread about Shaun Amott's

Good job, many thanks!

Best regards,
 Dmitry                          mailto:amdmi3 at mail.ru

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