setting EMACS_PORT_NAME=emacs22 forks make infinitely at the port registration step

Mark Evenson evenson at
Tue May 23 13:04:09 PDT 2006

Pav Lucistnik wrote:
> Mark Evenson píše v út 23. 05. 2006 v 21:01 +0200:
>> Am I using the EMACS_PORT_NAME variable correctly?  (i.e. its not a 
>> forbidden user knob like USE_XXX)
> You must never set up any internal variables. This is one of them.
> You should limit yourself to WITH_*, WITHOUT_*, and the variables
> explicitly documented in end user documentation.

Dumb question:  what do you mean by end user documentation?  What the port 
emits to the console in the process of building plus available options 
stored under /var/db/ports?

Andrey Slusar's reply to this thread [[1]] seems to imply that 
EMACS_PORT_NAME *is* a end user option.  But then you have a 
address and he doesn't…

Without an end-user mechanism like EMACS_PORT_NAME, maintaining all Emacs 
dependent ports for separate versions of Emacs will get combinationally 
explosive.  So ports just supports one canonical version of Emacs (what's 
in editors/emacs) for all Emacs add-ons (like psvn, nxml, etc.)?

Thanks for the clarification.




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