acroread7 as plugin for Firefox

Rick Voland rpvoland at
Mon May 22 19:17:08 PDT 2006

Is the acroread7 plugin for Firefox currently functional?  I can run
acroread as a stand-alone program, but not as a plugin.  If I check
"about:plugins" acroread is recognized as a plugin.

I'm asking here because the Linux Base is under significant development,
so I'm wondering whether this problem is known and being postponed until
the Linux Base is more stable.

The symptom is that I get "running helper", but little disk activity
(program not loaded).  I created a symbolic link:
ln -s /usr/X11R6/bin/acroread /usr/local/bin/acroread7
and then I get much longer disk activity, enough that I see the acroread
program icon change, indicating it has loaded, but I still don't see the
associated PDF content in my browser or anywhere else.

FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE #0 with SMP kernel
linuxpluginwrapper-20051113_2 (with its /etc/libmap.conf file)

I've read the configuration comments by Beech Rintoul around December.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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