Current unassigned ports problem reports

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Mon May 22 11:01:12 UTC 2006

Current FreeBSD problem reports

The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
     A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.

a - analyzed
     The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.

f - feedback
     Further work requires additional information from the
     originator or the community - possibly confirmation of
     the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

p - patched
     A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
     confirmation from originator) are still open.

s - suspended
     The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information
     or resources.  This is a prime candidate
     for somebody who is looking for a project to do.
     If the problem cannot be solved at all,
     it will be closed, rather than suspended.

c - closed
     A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.

Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2006/05/21] ports/97539 ports-bugs  java/jakarta-commons-codec: source size a

1 problem total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
s [2003/05/11] ports/52079 ports-bugs  vmware3 hangs when nmdm(4) is used as COM
f [2004/09/28] ports/72149 ports-bugs  [PATCH] heimdal with LDAP backend - bad s
o [2005/01/24] ports/76633 ports-bugs  Totem will not play DVDs
o [2005/02/15] ports/77574 ports-bugs  net/nss_ldap locks out when cd'ing to see
o [2005/12/08] ports/90107 ports-bugs  cvsd imprisoned doesn't work with devfs
f [2005/12/14] ports/90399 ports-bugs  vmware2 port not working on FreeBSD 6.0
s [2005/12/21] ports/90729 ports-bugs  databases/db[0-9]*: check USE_BDB knob
o [2005/12/23] ports/90865 ports-bugs  xchat-gnome 0.5_1 crash on startup
f [2006/01/08] ports/91533 ports-bugs  ports www/linux-firefox open file problem
o [2006/01/15] ports/91806 ports-bugs  net/nss_ldap broken with getpwuid*
o [2006/01/23] ports/92184 ports-bugs  kterm, stty -a shows min = 0. this should
f [2006/02/01] ports/92702 ports-bugs  palm/jpilot pilot-link library update
f [2006/02/01] ports/92706 ports-bugs  vmware3 panic on 6.0-RELEASE
f [2006/02/06] ports/92896 ports-bugs  sysutils/portupgrade: pkgtools.conf lacks
o [2006/02/13] ports/93274 ports-bugs  net/nss_ldap: nss_ldap & nss_mysql cause 
o [2006/02/17] ports/93488 ports-bugs  www/libapreq2 does not built when mod_per
o [2006/03/03] ports/94044 ports-bugs  emulators/vmware2: running $PREFIX/etc/rc
o [2006/03/24] ports/94894 ports-bugs  multimedia/fxtv causes freeze and reboot 
f [2006/03/24] ports/94905 ports-bugs  Change GraphicsMagick so that it's symbol
f [2006/03/29] ports/95081 ports-bugs  Problem with enabling logwtmp on POPtop
f [2006/04/07] ports/95458 ports-bugs  net-im/jabberd port doesn't work with bdb
o [2006/04/07] ports/95492 ports-bugs  repocopy request: math/vtk-headers to mat
f [2006/04/17] ports/95969 ports-bugs  net/gastman doesn't compile with newest n
o [2006/04/24] ports/96245 ports-bugs  pdumpfs-rsync doesn't work.
f [2006/04/30] ports/96543 ports-bugs  [PATCH] emulators/vmware3: fix checking f
f [2006/05/01] ports/96613 ports-bugs  misc/linux-opengroupware doesn't install 
f [2006/05/05] ports/96832 ports-bugs  sysutils/portupgrade: "pkgdb -s" fails wi
s [2006/05/08] ports/96988 ports-bugs  vtk43-headers pkg-plist correction
o [2006/05/10] ports/97066 ports-bugs  sysutils/fcron
f [2006/05/10] ports/97090 ports-bugs  Apache 2.0.55 with mod_python die only on
f [2006/05/12] ports/97161 ports-bugs  auth-ldap broken on lighttpd
f [2006/05/15] ports/97297 ports-bugs  FreeBSD 6.1 amavis-stats compilation erro
f [2006/05/15] ports/97302 ports-bugs  graphics/spcaview - freebsd port not work
f [2006/05/16] ports/97330 ports-bugs  [PATCH] japanese/phpgroupware: install de
f [2006/05/16] ports/97373 ports-bugs  audio/openal: failed to update to openal-
f [2006/05/17] ports/97431 ports-bugs  dns/powerdns doesn't build with LDAP back
o [2006/05/18] misc/97442  ports-bugs  IPSec-Tools do not compile
f [2006/05/19] ports/97496 ports-bugs  [patch] cvstrac-1.5 to 1.2.2
o [2006/05/21] ports/97582 ports-bugs  l0pht-watch original distfile disappeared

39 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
s [2003/10/02] ports/57502 ports-bugs  ports that define USE_* too late
s [2003/11/13] ports/59254 ports-bugs  ports that write something after bsd.port
s [2004/04/20] ports/65794 ports-bugs  net/ripetools is obsolete
a [2004/05/10] ports/66476 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] misc/gaim-talkfilters: A neat 
s [2004/06/11] ports/67815 ports-bugs  graphics/ImageMagick no longer recognizes
s [2004/11/03] ports/73448 ports-bugs  [PATCH] nss_ldap - getpwnam does not retu
p [2005/01/11] ports/76116 ports-bugs  PORT UPDATE: graphics/lcms (with PATCH)
o [2005/01/26] ports/76695 ports-bugs  RPM complaints on installation of linux_b
o [2005/06/25] ports/82634 ports-bugs  heimdal port conflict with base heimdal
o [2005/07/01] ports/82853 ports-bugs  [wish] working linux_base port for alpha
a [2005/07/11] ports/83264 ports-bugs  [PATCH] emulators/linux_base-suse-9.2: Ad
s [2005/08/11] ports/84819 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] math/coq: enable on ia64
a [2005/08/23] ports/85254 ports-bugs  [patch] emulators/linux_base-rh-9: add /u
o [2005/09/19] ports/86334 ports-bugs  x11-clocks/wmclockmon :: bug in internet 
s [2005/09/21] ports/86401 ports-bugs  new ports multimedia/zapping
s [2005/11/12] ports/88900 ports-bugs  www/flashplugin-mozilla causes Firefox to
f [2005/11/16] ports/89131 ports-bugs  port net/kphone One-Way audio with snd_ic
o [2005/12/05] ports/89996 ports-bugs  Update linux-winetools to latest version 
f [2005/12/28] ports/91001 ports-bugs  Portupgrade fails to detect failure of pr
s [2006/01/07] ports/91451 ports-bugs  lftp may segfaults when linked with Readl
f [2006/01/11] ports/91661 ports-bugs  new port net/sofia-sip
f [2006/01/22] ports/92133 ports-bugs  [PATCH] comms/spandsp: 0.0.2p22 fixes var
o [2006/01/24] ports/92284 ports-bugs  audio/aureal-kmod - au88x0-1.3_4 is unfet
o [2006/01/25] ports/92289 ports-bugs  audio/mbrolavox - fr4 and nl3 are incorre
f [2006/01/25] ports/92297 ports-bugs  sysutils/portupgrade: Minor (1 word)  gra
o [2006/01/27] ports/92429 ports-bugs  new port: science/caret (advice needed)
o [2006/01/30] ports/92566 ports-bugs  [new port] devel/p5-Java: Perl extension 
f [2006/02/01] ports/92661 ports-bugs  games/nethack34 - nh343-menucolor.diff no
f [2006/02/03] ports/92755 ports-bugs  databases/slony1: Add ability to run slon
o [2006/02/07] ports/92958 ports-bugs  games/nethack34 update (needs additional 
f [2006/02/08] ports/93032 ports-bugs  LPRng uses incorrect paths to config file
o [2006/02/11] ports/93186 ports-bugs  ports/sysutils/portupgrade - use new USE_
o [2006/02/12] ports/93218 ports-bugs  New port: sysutils/bsd-splash-changer Boo
o [2006/02/12] ports/93223 ports-bugs  New port(s) devel/cl-infix
f [2006/02/13] ports/93270 ports-bugs  [patch]jpeg support not working due to mi
o [2006/02/13] ports/93303 ports-bugs  New port: graphics/ocaml-gd4o GD library 
f [2006/02/13] ports/93304 ports-bugs  [PATCH] sysutils/bacula-server port to no
o [2006/02/14] ports/93318 ports-bugs  New port: x11-toolkits/swt32, Eclipse SWT
f [2006/02/18] ports/93504 ports-bugs  sysutils/portupgrade: dependencies regist
o [2006/02/19] ports/93576 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/quake3-rq3: Quake III Ar
o [2006/02/20] ports/93577 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/quake3-tremulous: Quake 
o [2006/02/22] ports/93726 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] deskutils/kxdocker and plugins
o [2006/02/23] ports/93736 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] x11-toolkits/paragui-devel: Cr
f [2006/02/24] ports/93779 ports-bugs  games/linux-americasarmy out of date
f [2006/02/24] ports/93802 ports-bugs  net-mgmt/cidr has Corrupted redzones in 7
o [2006/02/27] ports/93898 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/p5-XML-ApacheFOP: Access
o [2006/02/28] ports/93920 ports-bugs  New port: databases/ocaml-sqlite3 OCaml b
o [2006/02/28] ports/93957 ports-bugs  New port: devel/ocaml-ounit Unit test fra
o [2006/02/28] ports/93958 ports-bugs  New port: cad/jspice3
o [2006/03/01] ports/94000 ports-bugs  request: fork of security/srm with update
o [2006/03/02] ports/94006 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] emulators/mednafen: Portable m
f [2006/03/02] ports/94011 ports-bugs  Mark textproc/py-4suite 1.0b1 as unusable
o [2006/03/02] ports/94016 ports-bugs  new port mail/contactsmenu
o [2006/03/02] ports/94036 ports-bugs  Minor graphics/mesagl update to 5.0.2
o [2006/03/03] ports/94054 ports-bugs  sysutils/portupgrade: pkg_fetch(1) doesn'
o [2006/03/04] ports/94073 ports-bugs  [NEW PORTS] x11-toolkits/libsmokeqt, x11-
o [2006/03/04] ports/94074 ports-bugs  [NEW PORTS] x11-toolkits/ruby-qt3, x11-to
o [2006/03/06] ports/94124 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] graphics/gimp-greycstoration: 
o [2006/03/07] ports/94178 ports-bugs addition - Tucows - over 30 
o [2006/03/07] ports/94189 ports-bugs  New port: Linux Matlab 6.5r13
f [2006/03/09] ports/94271 ports-bugs  New Port: ifp-manager (a GUI interface fo
o [2006/03/09] ports/94286 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT]: devel/staf An extensible mult
o [2006/03/11] ports/94314 ports-bugs  net/citrix_ica - wfcmgr generates a solid
f [2006/03/14] ports/94456 ports-bugs  [PATCH] Modify lang/clisp -> unBREAK deve
o [2006/03/15] ports/94465 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] devel/pikdev: Simple graphic I
f [2006/03/16] ports/94570 ports-bugs  Some bugs in security/drweb port.
o [2006/03/17] ports/94591 ports-bugs  [New port] print/latex-prettyref: Improve
o [2006/03/18] ports/94626 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] security/knock - flexible port
o [2006/03/19] ports/94674 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT]: x11/yakuake
o [2006/03/19] ports/94681 ports-bugs  New port: devel/powerpc-binutils GNU binu
o [2006/03/19] ports/94682 ports-bugs  New port: devel/powerpc-gcc GNU gcc 4.1.0
o [2006/03/20] ports/94720 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/planeshift: First 3D MMO
o [2006/03/23] ports/94851 ports-bugs  mail/spamass-milter neglects to translate
f [2006/03/24] ports/94895 ports-bugs  [PATCH] mail/postgrey: The shutting donw 
o [2006/03/25] ports/94936 ports-bugs  New port: games/fwp Fight Win Prevail - m
o [2006/03/26] ports/94981 ports-bugs  New port: games/blinkensisters Parallax-s
o [2006/03/26] ports/94982 ports-bugs  New port: games/zatacka Nibbles-like mult
o [2006/03/27] ports/94990 ports-bugs  cleanup/update x11toolkits/xview
o [2006/03/27] ports/95005 ports-bugs  New port: databases/opendbx
o [2006/03/27] ports/95012 ports-bugs  New port: news/nzbperl NZB based nntp/use
o [2006/03/28] ports/95018 ports-bugs  new port: security/sguil-sensor
o [2006/03/28] ports/95019 ports-bugs  New port: www/suphp-devel: suPHP 0.6.1
o [2006/03/28] ports/95055 ports-bugs  update: lang/gnat-glade. Take maintainers
o [2006/03/29] ports/95062 ports-bugs  New port: math/scilab-toolbox-swt
o [2006/03/29] ports/95071 ports-bugs  New Port: audio/ventrilo-server
o [2006/03/30] ports/95129 ports-bugs  New port: www/knowledgeTree Web-based doc
o [2006/03/31] ports/95161 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] editors/zim: WYSIWYG text edit
o [2006/03/31] ports/95166 ports-bugs  New port: NLM Insight Toolkit 2.4.1
o [2006/04/01] ports/95186 ports-bugs  NEW PORT] net-im/cli-msn: Command line ms
o [2006/04/01] ports/95187 ports-bugs  New port: security/pam_require Allows you
o [2006/04/01] ports/95194 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/tremulous: The stand alo
f [2006/04/02] ports/95221 ports-bugs  [Maintainer Update]  graphics/gauche-gl  
o [2006/04/02] ports/95223 ports-bugs  New port: x11-toolkits/fltk2
o [2006/04/03] ports/95272 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] multimedia/tunapie: Tuner for 
o [2006/04/03] ports/95278 ports-bugs  New Port: x11-fonts/manu-gothica
o [2006/04/03] ports/95279 ports-bugs  (New Port) FreeBPX: a web gui to the aste
o [2006/04/03] ports/95283 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] x11-toolkits/wax: A user-frien
o [2006/04/05] ports/95326 ports-bugs  [new port] graphics/magickwand - PHP modu
f [2006/04/05] ports/95336 ports-bugs  [PATCH] security/openvpn-admin: install m
o [2006/04/05] ports/95351 ports-bugs  New Port: x11-toolkits/py-wax Wax extensi
o [2006/04/06] ports/95385 ports-bugs  New port: games/solarconquest Space 2D ac
o [2006/04/06] ports/95386 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] sysutils/scanbuttond: A  daemo
o [2006/04/06] ports/95388 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/aqbubble: Game similar t
o [2006/04/06] ports/95389 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/chanta: Free 2D jump and
o [2006/04/06] ports/95390 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/pongix: Free pong-like g
f [2006/04/06] ports/95399 ports-bugs  java/phpeclipse upgrade to 1.1.7
f [2006/04/06] ports/95447 ports-bugs  net/generic-nqs maintainer update
o [2006/04/07] ports/95468 ports-bugs  New port: databases/flamerobin GUI admini
o [2006/04/08] ports/95506 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] textproc/py-atocha: Python pac
o [2006/04/09] ports/95529 ports-bugs  new port: finance/opentaxsolver
o [2006/04/09] ports/95556 ports-bugs  new port: x11-wm/wmii-devel: next generat
o [2006/04/10] ports/95563 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/netdisco - web-based 
o [2006/04/10] ports/95595 ports-bugs  Update port: net/linphone-base to 1.3.5
o [2006/04/12] ports/95647 ports-bugs  mail/sentinel compilation fails if sendma
f [2006/04/12] ports/95653 ports-bugs  Update port: mail/sympa5 Sympa is an elec
o [2006/04/13] ports/95687 ports-bugs  new port: emulators/wine-etersoft-public 
f [2006/04/13] ports/95708 ports-bugs  freebsd startup script for sec port
o [2006/04/13] ports/95709 ports-bugs  New port: security/kovpn A simple GUI for
o [2006/04/13] ports/95712 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] editors/drjava: A lightweight 
o [2006/04/14] ports/95746 ports-bugs  new port: graphics/autopano-sift
o [2006/04/14] ports/95747 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] java/eclipse-drjava: DrJava pl
o [2006/04/14] ports/95761 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] emulators/xgngeo: Fronted (GUI
f [2006/04/15] ports/95775 ports-bugs  sysutils/portupgrade's *_rc_scripts does 
o [2006/04/15] ports/95799 ports-bugs  New Port: net/libeXosip2 eXosip is a GPL 
o [2006/04/15] ports/95816 ports-bugs  Update port: deskutils/yank to 0.2.1
o [2006/04/15] ports/95821 ports-bugs  Update port: x11/dxpc to 3.9.0
o [2006/04/16] ports/95844 ports-bugs  New port: comms/bforce-ugenk Simple ifcic
o [2006/04/16] ports/95854 ports-bugs  New Port: www/ochusha
o [2006/04/16] ports/95859 ports-bugs  [UPDATE] multimedia/dvdrip to 0.52.7
o [2006/04/16] ports/95890 ports-bugs  Update science/gramps to 2.0.10
o [2006/04/16] ports/95895 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] graphics/jdraw: A pixel orient
o [2006/04/17] ports/95909 ports-bugs  net-mgmt/kismet
o [2006/04/17] ports/95915 ports-bugs  comms/vpb-driver: enable support for Free
o [2006/04/17] ports/95920 ports-bugs  New port: www/karpion, a KDE OpenPhishing
o [2006/04/17] ports/95922 ports-bugs  New port: devel/libphish, a library to in
o [2006/04/18] ports/95990 ports-bugs  New Port: emulators/xjoypad
o [2006/04/18] ports/95992 ports-bugs  New port: net/py-dpkt Python module for f
o [2006/04/18] ports/95994 ports-bugs  New port: x11/oooqs2, OpenOffice 2.x quic
f [2006/04/18] ports/96000 ports-bugs  [PATCH] security/tor-devel doesn't start 
o [2006/04/19] ports/96075 ports-bugs  fix broken: net-p2p/mldonkey
o [2006/04/23] ports/96199 ports-bugs  new port java/jdic: The JDesktop Integrat
o [2006/04/23] ports/96232 ports-bugs  New port: lang/abcl Armed Bear Common Lis
o [2006/04/28] ports/96467 ports-bugs  request for removal of net/openh323-112
f [2006/04/30] ports/96563 ports-bugs  [update] lang/nml
s [2006/05/01] ports/96576 ports-bugs  R 2.3.0 fails to compile: undefined refer
o [2006/05/01] ports/96622 ports-bugs  Update port: lang/tcl84 & x11-toolkits/tk
o [2006/05/01] ports/96625 ports-bugs  security/openssh
o [2006/05/01] ports/96626 ports-bugs  Update x11-themes/gtk-smooth-engine to 0.
o [2006/05/01] ports/96629 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] multimedia/py-pyBMP: Python mo
o [2006/05/01] ports/96632 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] multimedia/py-castpodder: A po
f [2006/05/02] ports/96653 ports-bugs  Update ports: devel/libnaji (added more f
o [2006/05/02] ports/96655 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] multimedia/katchtv: An Interne
s [2006/05/03] ports/96731 ports-bugs  textproc/docbook-utils doesn`t build
o [2006/05/03] ports/96738 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/xye: A puzzle game that 
o [2006/05/04] ports/96745 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] net-im/psi - Add optional pa
f [2006/05/04] ports/96747 ports-bugs  [PORT UPDATE] Upgrade ImageMagick to 6.2.
f [2006/05/04] ports/96776 ports-bugs  [maintainer update] security/jailaudit to
f [2006/05/04] ports/96783 ports-bugs  Crash in gtk2-theme-switch
o [2006/05/05] ports/96803 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] databases/erlang-mysql - Nativ
o [2006/05/05] ports/96805 ports-bugs  New port: emulators/cygne-sdl The SDL por
o [2006/05/05] ports/96828 ports-bugs  New port: sysutils/cdcat  A QT based tool
o [2006/05/06] ports/96852 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] devel/py-kiwi: A framework and
f [2006/05/06] ports/96880 ports-bugs  [update] irc/blackened
f [2006/05/06] ports/96891 ports-bugs  [patch] port dns/powerdns does not have o
f [2006/05/07] ports/96898 ports-bugs  [PATCH] Update multimedia/quodlibet to 0.
f [2006/05/07] ports/96920 ports-bugs  [update] textproc/hevea
f [2006/05/07] ports/96925 ports-bugs  [update] net/libvncserver
f [2006/05/07] ports/96926 ports-bugs  [udate] net/x11vnc
f [2006/05/07] ports/96946 ports-bugs  [update] converters/tnef/
f [2006/05/07] ports/96948 ports-bugs  [update] multimedia/gcfilms
f [2006/05/07] ports/96954 ports-bugs  [PATCH] graphics/gnash: update to 0.7.1
f [2006/05/08] ports/96959 ports-bugs  [update] emulators/kqemu-kmod
f [2006/05/08] ports/96971 ports-bugs  [patch] graphics/xv incorrectly handles x
f [2006/05/08] ports/96985 ports-bugs  nanoblogger port "bug"
f [2006/05/08] ports/96994 ports-bugs  [update] audio/glurp
f [2006/05/09] ports/97055 ports-bugs  www/py-django requires devel/py-setuptool
f [2006/05/09] ports/97061 ports-bugs  Remove port: x11-toolkits/gtk20-apirefere
o [2006/05/10] ports/97080 ports-bugs  [new port] audio/emms: The Emacs Multi Me
f [2006/05/10] ports/97102 ports-bugs  [update] cad/dinotrace
o [2006/05/10] ports/97106 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] sysutils/biosfont: Kernel modu
f [2006/05/11] ports/97142 ports-bugs  [PATCH] net/stone: update to 2.3a
o [2006/05/11] ports/97152 ports-bugs  [new ports] emulators/linux_base-gentoo-s
f [2006/05/14] ports/97243 ports-bugs  [update] mail/imapsync
f [2006/05/14] ports/97259 ports-bugs  gcc41 is reqiured to run pdftk
o [2006/05/14] ports/97264 ports-bugs  [New port] devel/cobf
o [2006/05/14] ports/97272 ports-bugs  www/apache13 coredumps with php4 and php4
o [2006/05/14] ports/97275 ports-bugs  New port: databases/mysqlwrapped, sane C+
o [2006/05/14] ports/97279 ports-bugs  [PATCH] net/linphone-base: Fix build on 4
o [2006/05/15] ports/97282 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] devel/lazarus - Delphi-like ID
f [2006/05/15] ports/97289 ports-bugs  package dependencies not available
f [2006/05/15] ports/97298 ports-bugs  Update port: shells/rc got a new MASTER_S
f [2006/05/15] ports/97310 ports-bugs  [maintainer-update] update biology/fasta3
f [2006/05/15] ports/97315 ports-bugs  Update port: devel/tigcc
f [2006/05/16] ports/97355 ports-bugs  [maintainer update] security/ipfcount ign
f [2006/05/16] ports/97361 ports-bugs  [update] ftp/lftp
f [2006/05/16] ports/97364 ports-bugs  [update] www/awstats to 6.6
f [2006/05/17] ports/97384 ports-bugs  Suggested replacement for dropped port "m
o [2006/05/17] ports/97385 ports-bugs  mod_auth_kerb configure script faults wit
o [2006/05/17] ports/97395 ports-bugs  New Ports : Gnu binutils for Renesas H8/3
o [2006/05/17] ports/97396 ports-bugs  New Ports : Gnu GCC for Renesas H8/300
o [2006/05/17] ports/97398 ports-bugs  New Ports : Gnu GDB 5.3 for Renesas H8/30
f [2006/05/17] ports/97400 ports-bugs  [Patch]: Update syslog-ng to 1.6.11
f [2006/05/17] ports/97428 ports-bugs  [PATCH] net/p5-Net-Packet: update to 2.22
f [2006/05/18] ports/97459 ports-bugs  jabberd-2.0s11.tar.gz port unavailable
f [2006/05/18] ports/97470 ports-bugs  Wrong expressed dependency
o [2006/05/18] ports/97475 ports-bugs  New port: graphics/xoris An X11 pixel col
o [2006/05/18] ports/97476 ports-bugs  New port: russian/tideup_mail Remove unsa
o [2006/05/20] ports/97508 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] devel/ccrtp: Implementation of
o [2006/05/20] ports/97514 ports-bugs  update java/jboss4 to 4.0.4
o [2006/05/20] ports/97519 ports-bugs  New port: emulators/hugo A PC Engine emul
o [2006/05/20] ports/97522 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] graphics/gnash: turn annoyin
o [2006/05/20] ports/97530 ports-bugs  New port: www/rubygem-mongrel
o [2006/05/20] ports/97531 ports-bugs  New port: devel/rubygem-daemons
o [2006/05/20] ports/97532 ports-bugs  New port: devel/rubygem-gem_plugin
o [2006/05/20] ports/97533 ports-bugs  New port: www/rubygem-mongrel_cluster
o [2006/05/21] ports/97541 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] benchmarks/sysbench: [SUMMAR
f [2006/05/21] ports/97547 ports-bugs  sysutils/dar: dar needs an entry in UPDAT
f [2006/05/21] ports/97551 ports-bugs  Update port: graphics/blender-devel
o [2006/05/21] ports/97558 ports-bugs  New port: games/pipepanic A pipe connecti
o [2006/05/21] ports/97559 ports-bugs  py24-freetype is broken with CJK unicode.
o [2006/05/21] ports/97560 ports-bugs  [UPDATE PORT] sysutils/mcron: fixing a fe
f [2006/05/21] ports/97562 ports-bugs  [update] lang/cmucl-extra
f [2006/05/21] ports/97565 ports-bugs  [PATCH] mail/dovecot: fix startup problem
o [2006/05/21] ports/97570 ports-bugs  New distfile location for ispell-pt_BR
o [2006/05/21] ports/97571 ports-bugs  Port upgrade 0.1.8 -> 0.2.1
o [2006/05/21] ports/97572 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER UPDATE] x11-fm/jaffm: fix bui
o [2006/05/21] ports/97575 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] x11/fbpanel: make CPU plugin
o [2006/05/21] ports/97580 ports-bugs  NAS 1.7c build error on AMD64
o [2006/05/22] ports/97583 ports-bugs  [PATCH]: misc/git: Fix LATEST_LINK
o [2006/05/22] ports/97584 ports-bugs  graphics/ale: update 0.8.3 -> 0.8.4; take
o [2006/05/22] ports/97585 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] devel/py-setuptools: update 
o [2006/05/22] ports/97586 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] games/balazar: update to 0.3
o [2006/05/22] ports/97587 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] security/py-cerealizer: upda
o [2006/05/22] ports/97590 ports-bugs  Upgrade to release 1.4.3
o [2006/05/22] ports/97593 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] math/asymptote: update to 1.
o [2006/05/22] ports/97598 ports-bugs  new port: devel/p5-UI-Dialog
o [2006/05/22] ports/97599 ports-bugs  [maintainer-update] sysutils/libgksu: upg

237 problems total.

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