Problem with a configure script in a new port

Serge Gagnon serge.gagnon at
Sun May 21 22:44:42 UTC 2006

I'm trying to port webcit-6.81 and I got a problem 
with the configure script.
This port needs devel/libical but the configure script failed to find 
${LOCALBASE}/include/ical.h and ${LOCALBASE}/lib/libical*.

configure --help tell me that this script handle --prefix= and 
--includedir=, so I put this in the Makefile as a start
                --includedir=${LOCALBASE}/include/ \
but that doesn't works. I also tried to put the includedir directly 
hardcoded in the configure script, but it doesn't seems to handle its value 

Someone suggest me, at in a citadel forum, 
to put some value in the CONFIGURE_ENV. That's what I did
but it doesn't works. Anyway, I was sure that -I${LOCALBASE}/include was 
already in the CPPFLAGS when it calls from a port, think.

The port can be build by putting this field in the Makefile:
1 -I${LOCALBASE}/include" \
                LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -L${LOCALBASE}/lib -lical -liconv"
but I don't think that is a "clean" way to build this port.

I have a lot of difficulty to understand configure script and to patch it, 
but that's probably because I'm not a programmer.

So, if the configure script is buggy and it doesn't handle properly 
--prefix and --includedir, I don't really know what you can suggest me, but 
in case that someone here have got something similar... and you're the best 
programmer on earth after all. ;)

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