net/pppoa - marked as broken in 7.0, what about 6.1?

Spadge spadge at
Sun May 21 15:28:57 UTC 2006

I see that on this port is marked 
as broken in 7.0, and as it is panicking my kernel in 6.1 I was 
wondering if it should also be marked as borken in there, too.

modem_run loads the firmware fine, as far as I can make out, but pppoa3 
causes a kernel panic on the first run. Could this be something to do 
with the difference between older fbsds having user-ppp and newer ones 
not? Or is it the other way round? I'd never paid much attention to PPP 
before this week, and only vaguely remember seeing mergemaster removing 
it when I upgraded to 6.1-release.



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