New category: geography

David J Brooks daeg at
Thu May 18 22:44:38 UTC 2006

On Thursday 18 May 2006 16:58, Pav Lucistnik wrote:
> Sam Lawrance píše v čt 18. 05. 2006 v 20:41 +1000:
> > I would like to create a new category "geography", encompassing the
> > following types of ports:
> >
> > - Mapping - editing, viewing, format conversion (eg. graphics/jumpgis)
> > - Geographic information systems and utilities (eg. databases/postgis)
> > - GPS applications (eg. astro/gpsman)
> > - Weather (eg. astro/gdesklets-goodweather)
> > - Other software/services related to location (eg. net/GeoIP)
> Excuse me, pal, but how exactly does weather fit into a geographical
> applications?

My guess would be that Meteorology is being considered as a subset of Geology, 
which isn't really the same as Geography. 

> Sounds more like a deskutils type of business. And, of course, it's
> rather fine where it's now, in astro.

It dosn't really fit well in Astronomy either. Personally, I would think that 
weather apps would fit best in ports/science unless there are enough of them 
to justify their own category of ports/wx

Sure God created the world in only six days,
but He didn't have an established user-base.

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