Has the port collection become to large to handle.

Ulrich Spoerlein uspoerlein at gmail.com
Thu May 18 12:27:01 UTC 2006

pauls at utdallas.edu wrote:
> I *do* think tracking downloads would be valuable, *if* there's a way to implement it and 
> aggregate the data.  Knowing how many times a particular port is installed might open more 
> than a few eyes.  The problem is, you'd have to have accurate stats from *every* mirror and 
> those would have to be aggregated and collated.  Not a big problem, for sure, but still, more 
> work for somebody who's already a volunteer.  But knowing how many times a port's distfile 
> was fetched and how many times it was upgraded would be useful information.

Tracking downloads is not the way to go. Bill Fenner's distsurvery is
downloading them from time to time to check availability. Several people
use the same /usr/ports/distfiles for multiple machines, skewing the
numbers further.

Registering the installation of ports/packages is not going to help
either. I might install a port, test it 5 minutes and then delete it
again. I also might install a port (eg. cvsup) which doesn't get regular
updates, so only one installation is counted, whereas I frequently
delete build-only deps (autoconf/automake) and need to reinstall them
every so often.

A possible way might be to add a periodic/weekly script, that sends
pkg_info+uname output to some FreeBSD site. Preferably via HTTP POST, so
proxies and firewalls will let the traffic pass. This needs to be opt-in
of course, as there are various security implications.

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