New category: geography

Sam Lawrance boris at
Thu May 18 10:41:25 UTC 2006

I would like to create a new category "geography", encompassing the  
following types of ports:

- Mapping - editing, viewing, format conversion (eg. graphics/jumpgis)
- Geographic information systems and utilities (eg. databases/postgis)
- GPS applications (eg. astro/gpsman)
- Weather (eg. astro/gdesklets-goodweather)
- Other software/services related to location (eg. net/GeoIP)

There are more than 50 candidates for this category, which you can  
read in the PR ports/64304.

I intend to sift through the ports tree very soon, and compile a  
complete list of ports which I think belong to such a category.  If  
you have any thoughts or want to discuss the idea, please follow up  


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