New category - ports/packages specific tools?

Hans Lambermont hans at
Tue May 16 14:24:26 UTC 2006

Randy Pratt wrote:

> Matthew Seaman <m.seaman at> wrote:
>> Randy Pratt wrote:
>>> Shaun Amott <shaun at> wrote:
>>>> There are lots of nifty tools in ports for handling ports and
>>>> packages.  It would be nice if they were all in one, easy to find
>>>> place.
>> The first step surely is a virtual category.
> The value of a virtual category is not intuitive on a local system.
> For example, hamradio is a virtual category but if you look in
> /usr/ports there is nothing that indicates that it exists.  This is
> what most new users would do if they don't know to cd /usr/ports &&
> make search key=hamradio.  If you don't know that a virtual category
> exists, then its pretty hard to find.
> I could be mistaken but I don't believe there is even a mention of
> virtual ports categories in the Handbook (Porters Handbook, yes).  Man
> 7 ports doesn't mention virtual categories either.
> I'm sure there's some good reasons for doing a two-step category
> addition and I don't want to start a bikeshed (we've seen enough of
> those lately).  I'm just not sure how a user finds out about them.

You make a good point. It would be nice if the virtual category phase
can be skipped for this case.

   Hans Lambermont

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