cddb working in xmcd?

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Mon May 15 21:01:24 UTC 2006

+----[ Daniel Eischen <deischen at> (15.May.2006 16:47):
| >Maybe we can add an optional WITH_FREEDB knob to the port?
| I've been asked to do that before in the FreeBSD port, and my
| answer is still the same.  I don't want to change the author's
| work except for what it takes to integrate with FreeBSD and
| our ports tree.

Sounds reasonable ... I can live with that and keep my
patch-fcddb.h for as long as I need it (cvsup won't delete

However, as mentioned by the Xmcd admin in a private reply
to my original message, maybe the problem was that I'm using
a xmcd compiled to use CDDB1 "classic" CDDB protocol which
connects to Gracenote's CDDB1-to-CDDB2 gateway. It might
be that this is the cause of the problems. 


I started researching this issue in complete naiveness ...
thus I was being completely naive when I suggested the
WITH_FREEDB option. 

Now, after digging a while in google, it seems like this lack of
support for other cddb1 databases is forced on developers by
gracenote (you have to agree to their license terms if you
want to include support for cddb2, which includes the
prohibition to use any other CD info database).
So maybe this is the road followed by xmcd?
It is curious that the support for entering CDDB URLs freely
into a text configuration file (common.cfg) was removed in
recent xmcd versions, while it was there previously.
After reading the changelog for xmcd, it seems likely that
this was brought about as part of the 3.0 release which
introduced CDDB2 support.

Taken from:

Fro the 3.0 patchlevel 0 notes:
  - Some parameters have been removed and new parameters
  added to the common.cfg file. These reflect the change to CDDB²
  and other new or different capabilities in this release.

And so I got to understand why xmcd hardcodes
servers in fcddb.h, why configuration of cddb servers cannot
be done in the app, etc. These were things that striked me
as odd given the maturity and the otherwise ease of use
I've found in xmcd (I've been using it for just two days!)

So now that I know this, perhaps the best alternative is to
keep the port building by default without CDDB2 support (as
it is now). In this case I would suggest, to add a patch
that fixes submission of CDDB data in classic CDDB1 mode.

This will provide everyone with a xmcd that is fully CDDB1
functional. Even if you don't want to include the patch I
suggested in the stock xmcd port, users can still apply it
or edit the fcddb.h file manually if they so wish.


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