Dovecot 1beta8 + kqueue = no mailbox folders in Horde/Imp menu

Zimmerman, Eric Zimmerman.Eric at
Mon May 15 13:02:46 UTC 2006

Last night I updated dovecot to beta8 via ports and, based on the ports
notes, added kqueue support via make config.  Email via thunderbird
worked fine but this morning when I logged into my mail via Horde/Imp, I
could no longer see any of my mailboxes in the left menu in Horde.
Horde still saw my mail and folders via the main Horde page, so it is
talking to Dovecot properly it seems

After playing around with some settings and verifying config files, I
tried recompiling dovecot beta8 without kqueue support.  After I did
this and restarted dovecot everything worked as expected and I see my
mailboxes again in the left hand menu

So is this a dovecot issue, kqueue issue or Horde issue?

This was my first time playing with the kqueue option so I don't even
know if I need it. From the port commit notes it sounded like kqueue was
a good thing though. =)

Any ideas?


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