Has the port collection become to large to handle.

Serge Gagnon serge.gagnon at b2b2c.ca
Mon May 15 03:55:01 UTC 2006


If bandwidth and storage is the name of the game, how a new system that 
grow dynamically with the needs of the users will help them to just 
download the distfiles:

You just want a wm:
% du -hs /usr/ports/distfiles/xorg
 88M	/usr/ports/distfiles/xorg
+ dependency + wm

Sure, you need, at least, firefox to browse the net
+- 33M + dependency (gtk and all)

You LaTex :
% du -hs /usr/ports/distfiles/teTeX/
100M	/usr/ports/distfiles/teTeX/
+ dependency

Want to try one of this desktop:
% du -hs /usr/ports/distfiles/KDE/
389M	/usr/ports/distfiles/KDE/
% du -hs /usr/ports/distfiles/gnome2
197M	/usr/ports/distfiles/gnome2

If money is the problem (can't afford for a disk or better connection), you 
could always ask a friend or someone on a list, or a ng, to build you a 
package tailored for your needs. I already did that, not building a package 
for someone else, but ask someone else to help me.

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