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Fri May 12 21:18:45 UTC 2006

I tried all your suggestions except the one which goes
completely against what the official handbooks says is required.

Suggesting that the only way the ports system will function
is to download the complete ports collection is just crazy.

I have enough experience using the ports/packages over the different
3.x and 4.x releases to know that what you are suggesting is not
required or mandatory.

So the conclusion is Alex you have reached the end of your personal
and are now bowing out of the conversation which I understand as
I myself have reached this point when helping others on the
questions list.

Thank you for your posts even thou they were not fruitful.

Hopefully other people reading this thread will continue working on
solution to fix the ports/packages which I have shown be have
install conflicts.

Maybe if someone really did there own test of what I say is
then some headway can be made.

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fbsd wrote:
> I am not going to waste the time or disk space to download
> the complete ports framework (15000 ports x 5 config files each)
> just for 5 ports.

We are not going to waste our time anymore giving you suggestions
hints. This thread is dead for me.

Alex Dupre

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