net/tcpview bug

Cy Schubert Cy.Schubert at
Fri May 12 21:01:03 UTC 2006

I've noticed quirky little bug in net/tcpview that manifests itself with 
various outputs being redirected to stdout rather than the Motif widget 
they are supposed to display in. The application has its own printf 
function which, depending on the value of a global variable called Zflag, 
will either vsprintf the output to a buffer destined to be displayed in the 
Motif window or spit it out to stdout using fprintf. My make.conf contains 
the statement, CFLAGS=-O -pipe. This works for buildworld, buildkernel, and 
all my 1170 installed ports so far, except net/tcpview. Building tcpview 
with make CFLAGS=-O0 fixes the problem. As a heads up, when I get the 
chance I will commit a patch to the port to fix this problem, unless some 
other committer beats me to it.

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