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Fri May 12 16:41:32 UTC 2006

I did this as per your post

Run pkg_delete php5-5.1.2_1 and then reinstall it from the lang/php5
port, but make sure you make config first to add in the Apache

# /usr/ports/lang/php5 >make install clean
===>  php5-5.1.4 is marked as broken: Unknown AUTOCONF version: 259.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/lang/php5.
# /usr/ports/lang/php5 >

What now???

How is a normal port user suppose to know to do make config  to set
options first?
This should just pop up in persons face on make install.

Its like someone when out of their way to make this harder to use on
What were they thinking????

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I suggest you read the error message (underlined below).

Check /usr/ports/UPDATING, which tells you that PHP5 no longer
the Apache module by default.

The error is because you are missing part of PHP, not because there
is a
problem with the phpMyAdmin port.

Run pkg_delete php5-5.1.2_1 and then reinstall it from the lang/php5
port, but make sure you make config first to add in the Apache


fbsd wrote:
> Ok James here is the log of what I did following your
> I ran the pkg for php5 & mysql5 then port phpMyAdmin
> pkg_add -rv php5
> pkg_add -rv mysql50-server
> mysql-client-5.0.18_1 Multithreaded SQL database (client)
> mysql-server-5.0.18_2 Multithreaded SQL database (server)
> php5-5.1.2_1          PHP Scripting Language (Apache Module and
> # /usr/ports/databases/phpmyadmin >make install clean
> You may use the following additional build option:
>     WITH_SUPHP=yes   Install appropriately for use with
>                      the www/suphp port [default: no]
> Note that selecting the MYSQLI option will only work
> with PHP5 and MySQL 4.1.x

> This port requires the Apache Module or the CGI version of PHP,

> you have already installed a PHP port without them.
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/ports/databases/phpmyadmin.
> # /usr/ports/databases/phpmyadmin >
> Installing php5 and mysql5 first does not work like you say.
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> fbsd wrote:
>> As I plainly stated in my original post
>> I am a normal non-technical user of the ports system.
>> As documented in the handbook I expect the port to
>> offer chooses during the install for add on software
>> or what versions of dependants to select.
>> No where does it say the versions of port dependants
>> can be selected by pre-installing the version of
>> the dependant ports you want?
> Yes, but in this case the port does not need to offer a choice as
> configures itself based on your current system. If you have MySQL
> it
> uses that. If you have MySQL 5, then it uses that. If neither are
> installed, it uses a *default* of MySQL 4.
> As other people have said, you can manipulate this by installing
> MySQL 5
> *first*.
>> Also the handbook does not say that pkg installs and
>> port installs can not be used together. I find what you
>> posted is not true. I installed the mysql5 & php5 packages
>> and then because the phpMyAdmin pkg would no accept them
>> I tried the phpMyAdmin port and it said that mysql & php
>> port were not installed when they really where as packages.
> Packages and ports can be used together. However, packages merely
> use
> *defaults* set by the port Makefile. As I said above, this
> particular
> port defaults to MySQL 4 if you have no MySQL installed.
> Because the package is built on a cluster that has absolutely no
> interactivity, it builds packages based entirely on defaults, so
> phpMyAdmin *package* will require MySQL 4 because the package
> cluster defaulted to that version.
> If you really want phpMyAdmin to use PHP5 and MySQL 5, install
> 5
> and PHP 5 from packages, and then install phpMyAdmin from ports.
> will
> just magically work!
>> As I stated before, the port version of phpMyAdmin behaves
>> like it only checks the /usr/ports directory tree to determine
>> if dependants are all ready installed instead of checking the
>> pkg_info database like other ports do.
>> What about addressing this bug?
>> I am at a lose to understand why all the replies to this
>> post beat around the bush with unclear replies and
>> ignoring the basic questions asked in the org post.
> They're not unclear, you just obviously don't understand the ports
> system well enough yet.
>> What is wrong with just saying the phpMyAdmin port and pkg
>> will be fixed in x number of days and that I will receive
>> an email informing me when they are ready to be used?
> Try the above and you'll see that it doesn't need fixing.
> If you want to make your own phpMyAdmin package that uses PHP 5
> MySQL 5, follow my instructions above, and then do `make package`
> from
> the phpMyAdmin port directory.
> James

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