Do we need a few more ports reviewers/committers?

Frank Steinborn steinex at
Fri May 12 10:53:53 UTC 2006

Boris Samorodov wrote:
> > But you wrong here. maintainer-update means "Update from Maintainer" but
> > you're not yet. So the right class would be change-request.
> Are you sure? Porters handbook Chapter 10 Upgrading:
> -----
> The best way to send us the diff is by including it via send-pr(1)
> (category ports). If you are volunteering to maintain the port, be
> sure to put [maintainer update] at the beginning of your synopsis line
> and set the ``Class'' of your PR to maintainer-update. Otherwise, the
> ``Class'' of your PR should be change-request.
> -----
> Did I misunderstood something?

If you *are* the maintainer of the port use [maintainer update],
otherwise you should consider sending your patch to the maintainer
directly or use at least [change-request].


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