Do we need a few more ports reviewers/committers?

Mark Linimon linimon at
Fri May 12 03:55:56 UTC 2006

Within the past 6 weeks we have added 6? 7? new ports committers.  Some of
these folks had been very active in submitting PRs to fix such things as
distfile problems and so forth.

To some extent these PRs added to the overall numbers, to the point that
the count really hasn't gone down since the unfreeze.  I am hoping that
with all the new talent that we'll start heading back down to the 500 (!)
recent low that we hit last November.  At that time we were turning over
such things as port updates pretty quickly.

More information about how to contribute to the Ports Collection is in
It doesn't seem to address the process of becoming a committer, which I
can't locate at the moment.  To be brief, an existing committer must propose
you and be willing to mentor you (pre-screen your commits) for some period
of time, to make sure that you understand all the issues in e.g. the Porter's

I'll also remind folks that if they want to see a list of maintainer-update
PRs, they can use
Currently there seem to be 55 PRs on that list.


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