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Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Thu May 11 20:56:33 UTC 2006

fbsd wrote:
> I Just ran the phpmyadmin package on a virgin 6.1 system
> and it wanted mysql-server 4.1.18_1 plus got an not
> found for pdflib-6.0.3 when pkg tried to install the dependant
> package version of pddflib. I checked and no package for pdflib.

> How about a basic pkg version of phpmyadmin without all those
> add on functions (ie bkzip,pdf ECT) using php5 & mysql5?
> Those add-on functions are not used and can be left out.
> Later ran the packages for php5 + mysql50 which installed fine.
> Then ran the port for phpmyadmin and got error saying no mysql
> installed.
> Think the phpmyadmin port process looks in the port tree for
> installed dependants
> and thinks mysql5 was not installed when it really is. It should be
> checking
> the pkg_info database for dependants and not the /usr/ports tree.

Here's a small hint.  The phpMyAdmin port downloads and installs a tarball
from the net.  It doesn't compile anything.  It's essentially the same
process as installing one of the FreeBSD packages.  Except, of course, you
get access to all of the various knobs and twiddles that let you make it
work exactly the way you want.



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