FreeBSD Port: phpbb-2.0.20_1

李鑫 delphij at
Thu May 11 01:53:17 UTC 2006

On 5/11/06, Bryan Hong <bryan at> wrote:
> To whom it may concern:
> Just thought I'd let you know that this "port" works with an
> exception of the "Visual Confirmation" (a.k.a. Captcha)"
> functionality. The Captcha image doesn't render at all for some
> reason. Installing phpBB2 source from seems to work ok.

That's intentional, but you can restore the old phpBB2 behavior by
defining WITHOUT_ANTI_SESSIONTAB_DOS_PATCH=yes when building the port,
which removes the local patch that addresses a DoS problem.
(Unfortunately the phpBB2 2.0.x captcha implementation opens another
DoS issue, but finally we end up to make the patch a default but
optional feature so you can decide whether to use it :-)

Xin LI <delphij at>

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