ports structure and improvement suggestions

martinko martinkov at pobox.sk
Wed May 10 22:05:20 UTC 2006

Fernan Aguero wrote:
> +----[ martinko <martinkov at pobox.sk> (10.May.2006 16:01):
> |
> | Shaun Amott wrote:
> | > 
> | > There is also no space for detailed descriptions of what knobs do inside
> | > the OPTIONS dialog. It is often easier to make the user look at the
> | > Makefile for a description and/or print out a message before installing.
> | > 
> | 
> | the problem with messages is imho that they are basically all the same
> | level and once you run make or portupgrade you won't usually have a
> | chance to read any of them. many times i noticed something only because
> | of pure luck and then often i had to stop the installation process so
> | that i could read the message. :(
> |
> +----]
> use script(1)?
> Fernan

sure. the problem is that if you compile something bigger script output
would likely be huge. big size, hard to check and look for important
also, it happened to me a few times that i stopped installation because
of a message i noticed. had i not been lucky and/or watched the screen i
would have found too late, if at all.

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