ports structure and improvement suggestions

martinko martinkov at pobox.sk
Wed May 10 21:58:31 UTC 2006

Serge Gagnon wrote:
>>>>>> On Wed, 10 May 2006, "martinko" == martinko wrote:
>   martinko> not speaking of
>   martinko> metaports. and, as already said, portupgrade doesn't handle this
>   martinko> very well. also editing makefile in conditional way is not good.
> That's an other (old and used) subject, but my little experience teach me 
> that:
> 1: the lesser amount of depency you have, the better your system work.
> 2: if your system work in this state, don't uppgrade your ports unless you 
> need this or that new feature or if that there is a security issue.
> 3: don't use xxxxxxxxxxx to upgrade your ports.

it's about convenience, you know.
if you want, for instance, to run gnome, you likely don't want to
install all those parts (at least applications) separately. this is
where metaport comes in useful.

also, it's not so easy to not upgrade continually your packages.
one day portaudit will say one of your packages is vulnerable. and you'd
like to upgrade it. but since there are dependencies and you haven't
been following the ports tree for quite some time, you'll find out you
need to update half of your packages. and doing this after long period
of not upgrading is likely to bring more problems and all at the same
time. and mind you there's no security branch like with the base system.
therefore from my experience it's better to keep your applications
(sanely) up to date.

i'm not sure what xxxxxx is.

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