FreeBSD Port: php5-5.1.4 - Build fails on FreeBSD 4.11

pobox at pobox at
Wed May 10 10:21:32 UTC 2006

Alex Dupre wrote:
> Barry Byrne wrote:
>> Never had this problem before, but the 5.1.4 version of doesn't build 
>> on my
>> 4.11 Release box. I typically run portupgrade every few days with no 
>> major
>> problems.
>> Any ideas on this? 
> portsnap/csup/cvsup are your friends.

Could anybody explain how exactly are they our friends?

I was doing cvsup/portsupgrade on 5.4 for every 2-3 days as well without 
any problems until 5.1.4.

Is something changed in the way the php port will work or is it a 
temporary state?


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