ports structure and improvement suggestions

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Tue May 9 13:10:48 UTC 2006

Jeremy Chadwick writes:

>  What I proposed in the aforementioned thread was to have an
>  actual BIND-like configuration file (e.g. a tree) which contains
>  individual options which are set to yes/no per port.  There is a
>  global scope which applies to all ports, while individual ports
>  can be adjusted individually -- or overwride the global scope
>  settings.

	I'm confused: how is this different in principle from the
"MAKE_ARGS" section of (/usr/local/etc/)pkgtools.conf?  E.g.:

    'www/mozilla-devel' => 'BUILD_OFFICIAL=1',
    'graphics/gimp' => [
    'www/apache22' => [
    'editors/xemacs-devel-mule' => [
    'editors/emacs' => [
   'multiledia/mplayer' => [


					Robert Huff

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