Do we need a few more ports reviewers/committers?

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at
Tue May 9 05:46:31 UTC 2006

It seems that the turnaround time on ports submissions, even the
simplest of maintainer updates on existing ports, is becoming
incredibly long these days.  My latest maintainer update (ports/95900
for news/klibido), submitted on April 17, 2006, is still languishing in
an "open" state nearly a month later (which is really odd, considering
that someone else since has *twice* submitted their own updates for the
same port, which were acted on almost immediately, albeit they were
closed in deference to my "official" submission as the port's

Is it simply due to a lack of sufficient personnel to keep up with the
steady, never-ending stream of ports submissions that there's such a
backlog of maintainer PRs awaiting approval/committing?  If so, I'd be
happy to volunteer as a committer (and indeed, would consider it quite
an honor and a privilege even to be be considered as a candidate for

I know that a number of the people involved in reviewing and committing
ports are also quite busily involved in other areas of FreeBSD, so if I
can help in any way to lighten their load and allow them to focus more
on their other duties, I'd certainly be delighted to do so.

I've been using FreeBSD since June 1996 (my history with computers in
general dates all the way back to 1982), have been the maintainer of
several ports for quite some time now, and have submitted patches for
other ports from time to time.  In addition, one of my very own
original creations is actually a part of the ports collection
(news/multisuck), although it was submitted by someone other than
myself (OK, I know this may seem a tad irrelevant, but I mention it
only as an indication of my level of expertise as a programmer).  After
ten years with FreeBSD, I really would like to become even more
involved with the project, to make a larger contribution in some way,
and I think the role of ports reviewer/ committer would be a good "fit"
for me.

Thank you in advance to whomever it may concern for your consideration
of this request.  Hopefully, I'll receive some feedback on it, one way
or the other, in less time than it's currently taking to get my port
update committed.  :-)

Conrad J. Sabatier <conrads at> -- "In Unix veritas"

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