New version of portmaster available for testing

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon May 8 22:05:22 UTC 2006


I have been following the various discussions and feature requests regarding
sysutils/portmaster. I have a new version that I would appreciate testing
and feedback on. It has the following changes:

1. Implemented recursive 'make config' at the beginning of the run, so it's
easier to leave it running unattended for large updates. (This can be
toggled off)
2. Implemented a completely unattended mode which accepts the defaults for
all portmaster dialogues. (Note, this does not help with ports that have
interaction other than 'make config', such as ghostscript, etc.)
3. Added -u to sort(1) calls to try and address a bug report about duplicate
lines in +REQUIRED_BY files. I was not able to reproduce this bug, but
better safe than sorry. I added some debug code to try and detect this
error, please let me know if it comes up for you.
4. Verbose mode is now slightly more informative about what's happening.
5. More common code factored out into functions.
6. The -n flag now cancels the build of the port called on the command line too.
7. Improved (?) the stale distfile deletion routine to better handle ports
that have multiple distfiles.
8. Various code cleanups, such as adding -t to a mktemp invocation that was
missing it, more local variables in functions, more consistent variable
values, etc.

The new version is available at, I look
forward to your feedback.



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