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Mon May 8 21:31:02 UTC 2006

On Mon, May 08, 2006 at 04:04:56PM -0500, Paul Schmehl wrote:
> >
> I can't speak for other port maintainers, but I am far from bored.  In 
> fact I'm so busy that I often wonder why I volunteered to maintain some 
> ports.  I also get frustrated when new ports I submit don't get handled 
> quickly enough, but then I remember how busy I am, and I figure the 
> committers are probably just as busy if not more so.
You're absolutely right here. Right now we're struggeling to keep the
number of outstanding PRs below 1000. That's just way too much by any
standard, but that's always the problem with how much manpower you can
expect for a volunteer project. We've just "punished" 4 of the most
active PR submitters, and an active committer who was also active in the
ports arena, with a commit bit so let's hope that helps a bit on the

I for one usually prioritize fixing and upgrading the already existing
ports (all of the 14.000) before adding even more to the load, which
explains the longer waiting period for those.

The way maintainers can help the committers is by sending high quality
patches that don't need much testing, and especially don't need much
fixing. That just takes away much needed time. But beware! If you send
too many good quality patches, you might get punished :-)


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