An autoconf bikeshed

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at
Sat May 6 17:06:38 UTC 2006

Pav Lucistnik <pav at> writes:

> One major drawback of using autotools is that every distfile grows about
> 250 kB of repeated code. With modular X, that's a lot of bytes to
> transfer.

Unless you make automake, autoconf and the rat's tail of requirements
requistes and stop shipping the repetitive "configure" and ""
bloat - essentially this still wants to work on every trash shell. I'd
rather see autoconf 3 use shell functions even if that impairs

It's not like developers (all my projects like bogofilter, fetchmail,
leafnode use autoconf and automake) were very fond of the bloat that
auto* entails, but it's a standardized way, easy to customize at
configure or install time and porters are rather well-acquainted with it.

> As for developers use, I'd say much more people today are familiar with
> autotools then with imake. Imake is a dying beast. Going with mainstream
> is always good to get more people involved.

How true.

Matthias Andree

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