X.Org 7.0 port?

Pav Lucistnik pav at FreeBSD.org
Fri May 5 22:15:48 UTC 2006

Mikhail Teterin píše v pá 05. 05. 2006 v 14:14 -0400:

> > Sorry, but "I suggest those other people pull their finger out and
> > work harder on my problems" isn't a viable solution.
> Kris, I only spoke, when it emerged, that the X11 team is working on porting 
> 7.0, which has no functional improvements over the already ported 6.9. So 
> much so, it was first (rather angrily) suggested to an innocent user, 
> that "no one in their right mind" would work on 7.0...

Actually it's a very very good idea to work on 7.0 ports. The common
knowledge of "no functional changes" is false, in fact. The 7.0 release
is modular - it consists of set of ~100 little ports. It's also no
longer imake, but autotools based. And it behaves much like GNOME,
various parts of this set see releases when needed, so fixes to
problematic parts, like radeon driver, can happen much more often than
the global milestone release like 7.1 will be.

> Of all people, *you*, who sends ports failure notifications to hundreds of 
> ports maintainers, should know better -- when X-server fails to start or 
> hangs the user's machine, it is the port's failure no different (although 
> harder to fix), than any ported program misbehaving.

What if it's not port's failure, after all?

For example, my new radeon card, when used in Xorg 6.9.0 with 'ati'
driver, freezes the box hard on xterm resizing.  It does it on _both_
FreeBSD and Linux.  So it's Xorg bug in fact, not ports' bug.
It must be fixed in the Xorg codebase, not in our port.

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