[kde-freebsd] kile crashes after port upgrade on amd64

Pav Lucistnik pav at oook.cz
Fri May 5 15:52:45 UTC 2006

Ion-Mihai Tetcu píše v pá 05. 05. 2006 v 18:44 +0300:
> On Fri, 5 May 2006 15:40:19 +0200
> Adriaan de Groot <groot at kde.org> wrote:
> > On Thursday 04 May 2006 16:42, Alexander Konovalenko wrote:
> > > I noticed that at least two dependencies were upgraded: lua- and
> > > fontconfig-2.3.2_3,1 to lua-5.1 and fontconfig-2.3.2_4 respectively. I
> > > don't know if it is a problem.
> > 
> > Someone mentioned this on IRC, but it's not been reported or mentioned except 
> > for your mail message. So if you track it down, that'd be most useful. 
> > Otherwise "yeah, maybe" is all we can give you.
> lua, see ports/96819.
> Sorry that I didn't have the time to track it down yesterday.

portupgrade -f -o lang/lua50 lua-5.1

I haven't figured out the method to tell portupgrade to leave lua 5.0
alone if it's recorded as a dependency on kate. The kate port itself
points to correct lua port, lua50.

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