Weirdness with Xorg, x11/nvidia-driver and GLX

Jona Joachim jaj13 at
Fri May 5 12:11:03 UTC 2006

Alejandro Pulver wrote:
> On Thu, 04 May 2006 22:41:18 +0200
> Jona Joachim <jaj13 at> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I don't know if the following behavior is normal or not.
>> The second but last time the xorg-server port was updated and I
>> installed the new version it crashed every time I wanted to use an
>> OpenGL application. The first time I noticed this was when I wanted to
>> play games/linux-enemyterritory but later on I saw that it happened
>> with any OpenGL application, even a simple call to glxinfo had the
>> same effect. The result was always the same: the screen switched to
>> ttyv0 without killing Xorg and it freezed like that. The only thing
>> to which it reacted were ACPI calls (i.e. it shutted down properly
>> when I hit the power button).
>> I rebuilt the nvidia-driver just to see if it changes something or if
>> I see something strange things during the compilation. I was
>> astonished to see that after having done this everything worked fine
>> again just like before. I thought that this was something that
>> happened once due to mysterious circumstances and would never happen
>> again so I forgot about it. However when the Xorg port was updated
>> once again yesterday I saw that exactly the same problem happened
>> again. This time it was also solved by rebuilding nvidia-driver.
>> My graphics card is an NVidia GeForce 5200 FX
>> Version of nvidia-driver: 1.0.8178_1
>> Version of xorg-server: 6.9.0_3
>> uname -a
>> FreeBSD 6.1-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 6.1-PRERELEASE #0: Mon Mar 27
>> 17:05:15 CEST 2006
>> root at  i386
> Hello.
> This happens because the port x11/nvidia-driver renames the OpenGL
> library and X11 module installed by Xorg and installs the NVidia ones.
> When it's deinstalled, it removes the files and renames back the Xorg
> files.
> The problem is that when you update the Xorg port (x11/xorg-libraries)
> you force its deinstallation, so it removes the NVidia OpenGL libraries
> and X11 module (without removing NVidia drivers first) and replaces it
> with the Xorg one (without installing NVidia drivers after).

Thanks for your explanation.
Don't you think it would be good if the x11/xorg-libraries port checks
whether x11/nvidia-driver is installed and updates it in the
post-install target?
Is there a feature in the ports system that handles these issues?
Otherwise one could perhaps mention this in pkg-message or in UPDATING?
It's not really intuitive

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