kile crashes after port upgrade on amd64

Alexander Konovalenko kono at
Thu May 4 14:43:10 UTC 2006


recently I have upgraded some ports on my FreeBSD 5.4 amd64 box. 

kile does not work anymore, it crashes when it tries to load tex file (either 
manually via File->Open or automatically loading file which was edited from 
previuos session).

Reinstallation of kile did not help.

I noticed that at least two dependencies were upgraded: lua- and 
fontconfig-2.3.2_3,1 to lua-5.1 and fontconfig-2.3.2_4 respectively. I don't 
know if it is a problem.

Has anyone experienced such problem with kile? Any suggestion?

Here is some printouts:

kile: new quotes: true left=`` right=''
kile:    read file: latex-kile.lst
kile:    read file: latex-tetex.lst
kile: ==KileWidget::Structure::Structure()===========
kile: ==KileSideBar::setVisible(true)===========
kile: ==KileSideBar::setVisible(true)===========
kile: ==Kile::setupTools()===================
kile: ==KileTool::toolList()==================
kile: Archive is using group: Tool/Archive/Default
kile: BibTeX is using group: Tool/BibTeX/Default
kile:   adding BibTeX Compile #0
kile: DVItoPDF is using group: Tool/DVItoPDF/Default
kile:   adding DVItoPDF Convert #0
kile: DVItoPS is using group: Tool/DVItoPS/Default
kile:   adding DVItoPS Convert #1
kile: ForwardDVI is using group: Tool/ForwardDVI/Embedded Viewer
kile:   adding ForwardDVI View #0
kile: LaTeX is using group: Tool/LaTeX/Default
kile:   adding LaTeX Compile #1
kile: LaTeXtoDocBook is using group: Tool/LaTeXtoDocBook/Default
kile:   adding LaTeXtoDocBook Compile #2
kile: LaTeXtoHTML is using group: Tool/LaTeXtoHTML/latex2html
kile:   adding LaTeXtoHTML Compile #3
kile: MakeIndex is using group: Tool/MakeIndex/Default
kile:   adding MakeIndex Compile #4
kile: MetaPost is using group: Tool/MetaPost/Default
kile:   adding MetaPost Compile #5
kile: PDFLaTeX is using group: Tool/PDFLaTeX/Default
kile:   adding PDFLaTeX Compile #6
kile: PDFTeX is using group: Tool/PDFTeX/Default
kile:   adding PDFTeX Compile #7
kile: PStoPDF is using group: Tool/PStoPDF/Default
kile:   adding PStoPDF Convert #2
kile: PreviewLaTeX is using group: Tool/PreviewLaTeX/Default
kile: PreviewPDFLaTeX is using group: Tool/PreviewPDFLaTeX/Default
kile: QuickBuild is using group: Tool/QuickBuild/LaTeX+ViewDVI
kile:   adding QuickBuild Quick #0
kile: TeX is using group: Tool/TeX/Default
kile:   adding TeX Compile #8
kile: ViewBib is using group: Tool/ViewBib/Default
kile:   adding ViewBib View #1
kile: ViewDVI is using group: Tool/ViewDVI/xdvi
kile:   adding ViewDVI View #2
kile: ViewHTML is using group: Tool/ViewHTML/Embedded Viewer
kile:   adding ViewHTML View #3
kile: ViewPDF is using group: Tool/ViewPDF/Acroread
kile:   adding ViewPDF View #4
kile: ViewPS is using group: Tool/ViewPS/Gv
kile:   adding ViewPS View #5
kile: ==Kile::activePartGUI()=============================
kile:   current state Editor
kile:   want state Editor
kile: starting the LyX server...
kile: Opened /home/kono/
kile: Opened /home/kono/.lyx/
kile: Opened /home/kono/.lyxpipe.out
kile: Opened /home/kono/.lyx/lyxpipe.out
kile: Created notifier for /home/kono/
kile: Created notifier for /home/kono/.lyx/
kile: No notifier created fro /home/kono/.lyxpipe.out
kile: No notifier created fro /home/kono/.lyx/lyxpipe.out
kile: === CodeCompletion::readConfig ===================
kile:    set regexp for references...
kile:    read wordlists...
kile: new quotes: true left=`` right=''
kile: ==Kile::fileOpen==========================
kile:   file:///home/kono/work/2publ/pc_hyster/hyster.tex
kile: ==bool KileInfo::isOpen(const KURL & url)=============
kile: ==bool KileInfo::isOpen(const KURL & url)=============
kile:    nothing found
kile: CREATING TeXInfo for file:///home/kono/work/2publ/pc_hyster/hyster.tex
kile: DOCINFO: returning 0xfa9e00 hyster.tex
kile: ==Kate::Document* Manager::createDocument()===========
kile:   appending document 0x0
KCrash: Application 'kile' crashing...


/Alexander Konovalenko

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