correct change of name and version

Stefan Pauly stefan at
Wed May 3 19:31:10 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I've made a patch for the misc/pipe port but I still don't
know which PORTVERSION, PORTNAME etc. I should choose in
this special case. Could you give me some advice perhaps?

WWW (old): (no longer available)
WWW (new):

The project has got a new web page but the repository includes
all revisions from the old web page.

DISTNAME (old): pipe-beta-1.5
DISTNAME (new): PIPE2_V2_0  (development status is still beta)

PORTVERSION (old): 0.b.1.5
PORTVERSION (new): 0.b.2.0

PORTNAME (old & new): pipe

I am of the opinion that the PORTNAME should be unchanged.
I believe that a patch is better than a new port in this case.
Do you think that's right?

Best Regards

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